We were contacted by a former HR C&S manager.  Who sold us some interesting information.We weren’t surprised

but the information was so dis-heartening we wished it wasn’t true. They directed us to this video to explain

exactly how C&S operates. The former C&S manager stated that this video was “SPOT ON”.

Click here for information from- New York City Employment Lawyer – Tracy Bernstein


All that clown management at C&S better have a long meeting and get your stories straight. It’s going to be fun watching the C&S clown team fall apart.

Everyday we ask questions and we get the run around. But when the Feds start asking questions, it will only take seconds before you start turning on each other!!!

And from the flow of information we’ve received, 2 people will quickly be thrown under the bus.

Greg Patch & Peter Fiore.

Man, your management team doesn’t like either of you. They seem to dislike this Patch guy the most.

You must be some major A-holes.

Get you’re stories straight you clowns!

By the way, guess who gave the feds the information that was received from your people.

Good Luck!!!

C&S employees feel it’s ONLY a matter of time, before this happens. So many people are angry

and feel hopeless. People are constantly getting fired for just speaking up!

C&S needs to start treating employees fairly or increase security to keep us safe!

If you hear a disgruntled employee report it, before it’s to late.

How to report potential workplace violence

(1) Write down what you heard

(2) Immediately Tell everybody in management!

(3) Send management an email telling what you heard. C&S is notorious for covering things up.

Copy other management in the email. Also request that they received the email. If they don’t take action

against dangerous employees this will be the proof you’ll need in court.

If a tragedy happens while you’re working,  it’s possible to get $100,000 + in compensation!

Because you’ll be too stressed to work again. You’ll have proof that you warned C&S and they didn’t

take action!!!!!


C&S, Please don’t let this happen to us!!! Pretending that people are NOT angry and disgruntled will

not make the problem go away!

If you see anybody like this report it. And please follow up on it. The management is extremely LAZY

and will most likely just toss our concerns to the side like they always do.

C&S, we want to see you take action to keep us safe. The WORLD is NOW watching and waiting to see

what you will do!!!!!!!!


“Gunman 51-year-old Timothy Hendron of Webster Groves, a St. Louis suburb,

was reported by co-workers to be unhappy at work”

This is for C&S management!

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It’s been confirmed that management is receiving bonuses for information about

C&S employees.

They’ve actually been told to use their cellphones to record employees conversations,

with-out the employees consent. (which is illegal)

And they’re receiving bonuses for completing write-ups on employees. The company wants

more write-ups because there’s been a surge in lawsuits against the company. There’s so many

lawsuits C&S has hired 10 more attorneys.

The Worst of the Worst we post here!!!

Requires special


Find out secrets about the Clowns on The C&S management team. All the dirty secrets they

don’t want you to know about their personal lives!!



*Included- C&S secrets of Human resources!!!

*List of people to be terminated. (Obtained from Former manager, Newburgh, HatNorth)

*Red Prairie Secrets. Manipulate the system, and NOT get caught!!

*Proper way to file a lawsuit

* Baiting management for fun and profit! (This works like magic)

* How to easily turn management against each other! This has been working since the beginning of Time!!

*How to turn a write-up against the management!! Must read!!!

*Which management are sleeping with employees!!!!!

*Which management have purchased drugs from employees!!!!!!

*Payroll lady – has dirty secrets!!! This is very shocking and Illegal!!!



Operation “Clean Sweep”

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More updates to come. Operation “Clean Sweep” Is a plan to systematically terminate all

senior employees and/or anybody that could potentially be a UNION organization threat.


C&S has had plans for years to terminate Senior employees.  We have insiders that are telling

us corporate management has said “Red Prairie is the ultimate tool to get rid of old employees and prevent lawsuits.”


C&S is scared of us Unionizing.

Once we are in 1 facility in the North-East ALL the other facilities will follow.



Smile C&S Can See & Hear All!!!

We received confidential information that a guy named Frank Maguire told Ralph Bellegarde

that there are hidden cameras in offices that record VISUAL & AUDIO!!! He also bragged how they record

phone calls. And he had the nerve to brag how he received a raise for implementing the technology with-out

anybody noticing.

If you’re a clerk, buyer, shipper, supervisor, inventory control, or anybody in the offices. Watch out!!!!!